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The Fishing Line's Surf Fishing Seminar
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Yes folks, it’s that time of year where shorter days and longer nights leading to crisp, cool mornings are just around the bend and so is our fabulous, Annual Surf Fishing Seminar & Show. Forget other’s attempts at big events like this, it’s “The Fishing Line’s” Surf Fishing Seminar at the Freeport Recreation Center, Thursday night, October 4. Bass are swimming the beaches chasing and gorilla blues ball up bait outside inletsand surfcasters need to be ready and take advantage of the opportunity.

I’ll be hosting the Surf Fishing Seminar again at the Freeport Recreation Center. This event will cover a variety of surf fishing topics and techniques anglers can put to the test and use the very next day to help dramatically increase their prowess on the beach. We’ll cover reading beaches, plugging the mullet run, North Fork action, fishing live eels, bucktails and we’ll have three speakers to cover all this detailed info.

STATE OF THE ART. With new surprises, we continue on the forefront of technology with high tech equipment. You won’t want to miss surf fishing action How-To segments on rigging eels, fishing bait in the surf, tying teasers, rigs and all sorts of hands on stuff others can't show you. We’ll have digital and TV cameras in the room displaying all the rigs, hooks, leaders, plugs, hooking baits whatever we do on stage...everybody in the room will be able to see on the numerous giant projection screens! We’ll show footage from the TV show on how to read the beach and we’ll go out before the seminar to film techniques on how to fish certain plugs! All this live action from the beach brought into the seminar room.

NEW ADDITIONS.  In addition to John Skinner who currently has the largest surf caught striped bass on Long Island this year (52 pounds) and who will be covering bucktails and fishing live eels for cow bass, I’ve added Mr. Willie Young, president of the Montauk Surfcasters Assoc. Who better to give a presentation on the Secret Hot Spots of Montauk Point. I’ve aided Willie in this presentation with overhead, aerial footage and photography of all these spots in Montauk Point from the south side at Camp Hero, all the way around the Point and north to Gin Beach! All of which will be displayed on a 15-foot X 9-foot rear projection screen. I’ve also added a 17-minute video presentation, shot by my television production staff, on Rigging Eels the old fashioned, All Bensen way. Using large 18 to 22-inch eels, Joe Gullo of West End B&T takes us through the entire step by step process of rigging and tying large rigged eels for cow bass!

I’ll cover in detail probably the most important aspect of surf fishing…how to read a beach. I took a plane ride with my crew and filmed all the beaches of Long Island and Montauk as well as the North Shore. This footage shows you the inlets, jetties, tide & current direction and every hole, sandbar, nook & cranny where any bass or bluefish can hide. I will also take you on film through the holes and sandbars of your favorite beaches with last minute filming of Tobay (east & west), Gilgo, Robert Moses and we even have an interview with a surprise guest! All the footage was shot at low tide so you could see everything!

Still on target as originally planned is Ralph Votta, manufacturer of Charlie Graves surf tins and a well-seasoned surf veteran with over 45 years experience who will cover "Fishing Tins and Metals in the Surf. This includes the history of tin and metal lure fishing in our area and how it’s progressed to where it is now. When my speakers and I are done, we’ll take a break and come back with a panel discussion to answer all your questions in one session!

OLD SURF TACKLE: Something new we've added is the sport of lure collecting. I’ll have experts on hand to appraise and evaluate any old surf fishing tackle you bring with you. We expect mostly surf tackle to show up with lures, rods and reels, but these experts can help you with all sorts of tackle appraisals should you bring them with you and we can even do some trading and buying of old tackle right on the premises! We’ll also have several beautiful displays of old surf lures & tackle on hand.

RAFFLES & PRIZES. Raffles prizes include; Charlie Grave Lure packs, Atom Lures, Rapala & Storm lures, Driftwood Surf Lures, Uncle Josh pork rind, Vezco Sand Spikes, Super Strike Lure packs, Arts n’ Flies teaser packs, Flying Fisherman sunglasses, Columbia sportswear, rod & reels, outdoor insect survival kits from Uncle Ben’s Insect Repellant, Yozuri Lures and more. A full line-up of tackle manufacturers’ include Seeker Rods, the Petri Fish Tackle Co., Lamiglass, Canyon Surf products, Charlie Graves Surf Lures & West End Tackle, Vezco Cooler Racks.

A full line-up of tackle manufacturers’ include FJ Neil & Dolphin Tackle, Seeker Rods, the Petri Fish Tackle Co., Canyon Surf products, Charlie Graves Surf Lures & West End Tackle, Driftwood Lures, Vezco Cooler Racks, Columbia Sportswear and more. Local tackle shops include Causeway, Bob’s B&T, West End B&T and Camp-Site Sports. These shops & manufacturers will be on hand to answer your questions on fishing tackle and display their wares. Organizations like the Montauk Surfcasters, CCA and others will be on hand as well.

GETTING THERE. The Freeport Recreation Center is located on Merrick Rd., just four blocks west of the Meadowbrook Parkway. You can take the Meadowbrook Parkway to Exit M9 west, which is the Merrick Rd. exit. Get off at M9 and proceed west four blocks and the Recreation Center is on your left side and east to find. There is plenty of FREE & PRIVATE parking with a newly expanded parking facilities. Doors open at 6:30 p.m., and the program begin promptly at 7:30 p.m. Go to or 516-889-6895.


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