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Boat Rentals/Livery Stations

North Shore
City Island
Jack's Bait & Tackle
Located in City Island they continue 60 years of tradition for reliable, courteous service by rolling back rental prices!! Jack's has 25 rental skiffs ready for you to be your own captain and chart your own course for exciting fish catching action. Open 7 days, Jack’s everyday, unbeatable low prices on rods, reels & tackle will beat any catalogue or chain store price…guaranteed. On the web at

Jamaica Bay
Broad Channel:
Smitty's Fishing Station
Delores at Smitty's with grandson:
Delores reports they have been
serving Jamaica Bay for 65 years, Smitty�s Fishing Station is the largest fishing station in the tri-state with over 50 boats & motors! Located in Broad Channel, they�re just minutes from the Broad Channel A Line station with parking and minutes from Jamaica Bay action. Smitty�s is open Friday thru Mondays 7 to 4:30 weekdays and 6 to 4:30 on weekends.

South Shore
Point Lookout
Scotty's Fishing Station (516-432-4665): Located in Point Lookout, we at "The Fishing Line" keep our boat in Point Lookout and visit Scotty's often for bait and fuel. They feature BP fuels and supply offshore products and fuel or you can fish locally in one of Scotty's many rental skiffs. ON the web at

Moriches Inlet:
Silly Lilly Fishing Station (631-878-0247): Gary at Silly Lilly Fishing Station says Silly Lily has served the Moriches area nearly 70 years, offering some of the best flounder and fluke fishing available to Long Island from the comfort of their rental skiffs. Be your own captain for a day, fishing when and where you want with the friends you want. Silly Lilly has a launch ramp for your own boats with full line of all baits. Everything you’ve heard about the great Moriches flounder fishing is true!


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