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Listeners Report
Good morning Rich, first time report here.
Friday (9/26) morning at 6:45 I caught a bluefish at Robert Moses on a blue bomber.  On Wednesday morning at sunrise I caught 3 blues on a blue/white popper, and on Tuesday evening at dusk my friend and I caught 7 blues between us on poppers and swimmers. Do you have any suggestions on how to target more bass?  I've tried everything in my bag. Thanks!
Matt Nola / Long Island

PS...Thanks for the advice, Rich. I picked up a lone 23" bass at Robert Moses Saturday (9/27) morning just before sunrise.  I was using a blue popper, very slow retrieve was the trick. I fished the 4x4 access, ocean side.  The water was nice and clear, no weed at all.  Surf was maybe 3 feet.


Took your advice and used small white poppers in Long Beach Saturday (9/27) morning I had three small bass all before 7 :30 a.m.
Bobby O'Brien / EAB

RJ Report: Well I drove to NY last Wednesday (9/17) and it took 11 hours and 11 minutes. Met Bobby O at the house in EAB around 4:35 p.m., unloaded the car and was on the beach fluking at 5:15. We finished at 6:25 and had seven keeper fluke to 7 pounds with about another dozen throw backs. I hit the beach Thursday morning at 6 a.m. and did about eight bass with one keeper on metal lips. That afternoon we fluked again to the tune of about a dozen fluke in heavy weed and had seven, six were mine with the largest about 5 pounds. Hit the beach Friday morning and had another keeper bass and about 6 shorts on poppers and metal lips. Then we hit the beach that afternoon for the incoming tide for another six keeper fluke and about 15 caught in weed again and Pobo had the pool that day.  I hit the beach Saturday morning for a few short bass. After the radio show ended at 4:30 p.m. we hit the beach again in heavy weed and had only two keeper fluke in heavy surf. Sunday morning the beach was totally weeded in but I did manage one fish on a popper that was 15 pounds and 34 inches. We watched football Sunday afternoon as it was terribly weeded in on all the beaches.
   We had great four days and had dinner at  Arties South Shore Fish Market (516-889-0692) a couple of times this week as I did last trip. Then loaded the Igloo cooler with shaved ice from Artie's (thanks Artie!) and drove home with a cooler full of fluke and striped bass all vacuum sealed and frozen. I drove home Monday morning at at 6 a.m. and beat my record setting a new record of 10 hours and 39 minutes from EAB to Surfside Beach, SC. Very tired, but will see you folks on the beach for the start of the October fall run!! Special thanks to Bobby O for letting me crash at his place and of course the best seafood restaurant around in Artie's South Shore in Island Park!

The Fishing Line Response to ASMFC Striper Plan to Go to 32 Inches 

Mark Sosin Interview Here

Rockaway Inlet & NY Bight
Word from this area and Tony from Breezy is some nice bluefish in the area but no bass surprisingly, except a few 22 inchers, with all the bait around. They see some mullet and some snappers too, but the blues run 5 to 12 pounds so they have a pick of blues every morning now. There has been some bluefish at the Tilden, Riis and also the BP Jetty. Some albies now in the area of the jetty and the inlet. I
f you would like to share your reports whether you caught fish or not, or what the conditions were where you fished, we’re sure everybody could benefit from them and would certainly appreciate them. E mail them to us at or text 516-435-8382.

Jones & Deb's Inlets
Scotty's Fishing Station
(516-432-4665): Not much word from here with the rough surf and brown water midweek. They did see some much clearer water on Saturday morning. Dave W of Valley Stream had a 20 inch bass Saturday morning with some mullet coming down the beach now. Friday Dave had four fish on bucktails 20 to 26 inches on the bucktails. Bobby O of EAB had three schoolies in EAB Saturday morning on small white poppers. Water is off color but not much weed and things are looking up. Most people that were out on Friday and Saturday (9/27) were able to muster some action and raise a pair of fish with high hook about four schoolies.
We heard Sunday morning was also slow but the water color has cleared up nicely and he weed pretty much gone. Bobby O'Brien had four fluke to 4 pounds and three schoolie bass Sunday morning on buckies. On the web at


Fire Island

Most of the beaches here have bluefish 2 to 6 pounds at times and a few small bass falling to poppers and mortal lips. No genet shakes but the action is coming and will be here any time so keep plugging away at it folks. If you would like to share your reports whether you caught fish or not, or what the conditions were where you fished, we’re sure everybody could benefit from them and would certainly appreciate them. E mail them to us at  



Moriches / Shinnecock Inlet:
Mullet have been spotted along this stretch now with some schoolies under them and a few keepers along Smith Point Beach at daybreak. Some blues on them as well to 6 pounds, but at the inlet the bluefishing action is not what it should be this time of year. Over at Shinny Inlet not much at all has been reported as things are slow.


Willie Young of the MSC reported a very good week last week with action right up till Thursday. It was a mix of bass and blues but mostly bass with fish into the 20 pound class. It was all around on both the north and south side, the rocks, the Light and around the west wide on the sandy beaches it was smaller fish. Friday was dead with a few is at night but Shagwong got hot Friday night with blues of all sizes from 4 to 14 pounds, for hours and albacore during the day Saturday. Saturday (9/13) night they had some bass to 22 pounds and some blues just before dark for an hour. If you would like to share your reports whether you caught fish or not, or what the conditions were where you fished, we’re sure everybody could benefit from them and would certainly appreciate them. Text your report to 516-435-8382 or e mail it tom


Long Island Sound Middle:

Cold Spring/Northport/Huntington:

Terminal Tackle (631-269-6005): John Richey says the east winds all week made it pretty much impossible to fish the shore beaches up here up to and including Saturday (9/13). The only good porgy action has been inside the harbors where it is protected and they are mixed with snappers. On the web at