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On Line Surf Fishing Seminar
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The Fishing Line's On-Air & On Line Surf Fishing Seminar: The Fishing Line Surf Fishing Radio Show Seminar can be heard anytime you want it!! The show is streamed on the internet. We'll have new speakers each year on our Radio Show and put the Interviews here on the web for you to listen to as much as you'd like. Here are the interviews, just click on the one you want to listen to, let it buffer and have fun.

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Surf Fishing Videos
1934 Kay Lane.
Surfside Beach, SC  29575

A 32 minute Interview with legendary Surfcaster Frank Daignault

Legendary Surfcaster and author Frank Daignault On The Fishing Line: Legendary surfcaster and author Frank Daignault was a guest on our radio program this past Saturday. In case you missed it, you can listen to the entire 32 minutes HERE, or go to our web site to find it on the Archives Page and listen to Frank's Interview and many others from the last few years. Thanks to all the callers who phoned in to speak with Frank and thanks to Frank for a great interview.

Bait Seasonal Migration Article
Bait Migration & Behavior with Fank Daignault, surfcaster & author
Beach Driving Do's & Don'ts: Chuck Hollins, president of LIBBA
Casting Distance & Surf Fishing: with Ron Arra
Fall Bait Migration Patterns & Plugs with Rich Johnson
Fishing Braid Lines & South Shore Weed: Audience Question (2 parts): Problems
Fishing Tins: with Rich Johnson
Fishing Montauk with Willie Young: Tides, Bait Patterns Plugs, Winds, Seasons, The Light, North Side, South side
Fishing the Mullet Run Part 1
: with Rich Johnson
Fishing the Mullet Run, Plugs and Tackle: with Rich Johnson
Getting Started Surf Fishing(2007)  Part 1 with Rich Johnson
Getting Started Surf Fishing (2007) Part 2 with Rich Johnson
How To "Read the Beach"...Video
How-To Read The Beach...Audio: with Rich Johnson
Montauk's South Side Sandy Beaches with Vinny Sobral of Freddie's Bait and Tackle
North Shore Beaches and Tides: John Richey of Terminal Tackle

North Shore Surf Secrets 2007: Beaches Tides & Plugs with John Richy of Terminal Tackle (8:40)
More On Tins & the North Shore Tides, Moons and Day/Night
Listeners questions on: Starting Surf Bag & What Lures to Use,

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