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John Richy of Terminal Tackle joins Rich Johnson weekly, live on The Fishing Line Radio Show
Saturday afternoons at 4 p.m. on WGBB 1240AM radio to give current and live updated reports for the LI Sound Region

Peconic Star II (631- 289-6899): Capt. Dave reports the porgy fishing just continues on being excellent. He did see a little slow down because of the boat traffic this week leading into the weekend. They still see people with full limits around the boat but the sunbathers up top are happy with 15 fish, but if you spend your time at the rail you limit out and then some! Still some weakfish on the boat too! Both sail full days 7:30 to 3 pm with one for fluke and one for porgies!

The fluke boat had a very good week according to Capt. Phil Curccio with some people on board and real nice crowds for the weekend. They have seen a nice improvement in the fluking and now the “second wave” of fluke hitting the areas. They see about 2 fish per person on average and most fish caught are 4 to 7 pounds! If you pay attention at the rail you can limit out too!  Both will sail full days 7:30 to 3 pm with one for fluke and one for porgies! On the web at www.peconicstarboats.com.

Huntington to Port Jeff
Terminal Tackle
John Richey says not much of a change as we hit the Memorial Day weekend. Porgy fishing may be your best bet. They are easier to find and are not moving around as much as the fluke as the flatties are honed in the the roaming schools of squid now. Lots of porgies and big 2 to 3 pounders now all through the bay at Sand City in Huntington and over at Sunken Meadow too! Just as easy from the beach as the boat and big fish!

Fluking did get a little better and if you find the squid you find fluke with more shorts than keepers right now but some fish to 7 pounds. The best of it from the Platform to the Brush pile, east to the Golf Course and even Ashroken now too. Some fluke down east of Cranes as some squid is here too, the fluke are gobbling up the squid but as the squid keep moving so does the fluke. Find squid and you find fluke. A straggler bluefish here or there but plenty of schoolie bass in the river and the bays and along the beaches. No giant fish yet but they are trolling 20 pound fish on parachutes but umbrella rigs are the best bet. The big bass should be here in a week or so. Make sure you ask for your Terminal Tackle catalogue, it's free! On the web at www.terminaltackleco.com

James Joseph II (631-680-8159): Capt. James Schneider reported they continue to see a slow but steady pick of mostly keeper size fluke with limits for some and one or two for others. They see pool winners 5 to 7 pounds, some sea robins, schoolie bass and giant porgies taking fluke baits. Action is not the fast and furious bucktailing yet, but getting exponentially better each day! Fluke are spitting up whole squid so they are fattening up and growing fast!! Full day fluke at 7am and 4:30 evening trips too. Any additional information can be found on the website at www.jamesjosephfishing.com or by calling Capt James at 631-680-8159.


City Island / Western LI Sound
Memorial Day weekend is here and some fluke now in the area but not like it should be as things may be a week or two behind schedule still. Porgies to the east over in Oyster Bay and east of there. Nice size porgies and they prefer jumbo sandworms. Bass to 35 pounds now in the area on the bunker with fish in the usual spots. Live bunker in the mouth of Hempstead Harbor, at the bridges, Stepping Stone Light, up in to Rye and Larchmont as well. Very good considering how cool it was till this week. If you would like to share your reports whether you caught fish or not, or what the conditions were where you fished, we’re sure everybody could benefit from them and would certainly appreciate them. Text them to 516-435-8382 or e mail Rich@thefishingline.com

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