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Greenport & Orient
Striper action has yet to move into fall mode, and the run of small stripers from 22 to 29 inches continues and this past week it was hard to find some keepers over 28 inches. Lots of albies at Fisher’s Island too and they tend to be more north side of the north fork, but the fall run is starting for sure. Still hard to find enough keeper bass to fill a charter and the bluefish that showed up range from 2 to 14 pounds and you never what size fish will come through to wreak havoc on the tackle. Again the surest thing on the planet is the porgy fishing on the North Fork as party boats like the Peconic star say it is insane. They go home as early as 11 a.m. loaded with porgies and some bluefish. A few stray sea bass, but the porgies reload in to an area so fast the sea bass can’t keep up with them. No matter the weather, temperature or conditions…porgies are biting every day and all day as it is super-duper. Get the family, wife and kids out to the North Fork before school starts and try it one day. Visit the farm stands, wineries and all the great local flavors available the north fork. I did on our television show for decades and spent many days filming on the North Fork for these exact reasons! No matter where you go locally within 30 or so minutes of the dock all the porgies you want and also giant ones in the catches too. Just great local porgy fishing. They have been hitting nearby areas to the Race and the Gut and around Bug light too and use clam strips. Visit my site for tips and videos at www.thefishingline.com. For WLNG this is Rich Johnson of The Fishing Line saying, “know where the fish are…not where they were!

Peconic Star II (631- 289-6899): The Peconic Star reported on Friday (9/14) nothing has changed! It is just stupid fishing an they end up going home early pretty much every day loaded up with limits of porgies and some sea bass. So grab the kids and wife and load up the buckets and the freezer with giant porgies. Fishing for porgies will yield some large sea bass, some weakfish and some blues from time to time. Just great local porgy fishing only 30 or so minutes from the dock too. Just lock and load action not much else to say. They have been hitting the Race and the Gut and around Bug light too They are sailing 7:30 to 3 p.m. for porgies everyday. On the web at www.peconicstarboats.com.

Huntington to Port Jeff
Fluking is holding on barely now with some numbers of keepers out on the slopes and even fluke now in the Niss River. Although catching them is a chore as they are over run in the river with sea robins and some porgies. Porgies are all along the beaches and can be caught if there is any water on the beach. They are everywhere from the beach to 30 foot of water and is the best porgy fishing we’ve seen in some time. They are in the harbors with the snappers now and by the way, snappers are growing fast this year and have some size to them now. Otherwise the action is in the deep where bluefish and bass action continues to be good. The summer pattern has arrived and not much will change from week to week other than maybe more of a night bite will develop. Fish the deep and last drop off where the depth goes from 40 to 60 foot and the bunker pods are spread all over Smithtown Bay. Trick is to get a snagged bunker back to the boat before a bluefish takes it, then sinker it do the bottom quickly to stay away from the blues and you’ll be rewarded with bass 20 to 35 pounds. Inside the bays now in Cold Spring Harbor, Huntington Bay and Northport Bay, bass to 30 pounds are caught from under the huge bunker schools if you are adept at this kind of fishing.

City Island / Western LI Sound
Reports have porgies as the best bet now in City Island, Glen Island, and Rye Playland all the way to Greenwich now. You can find Porgies at the Perry Cuomo white house, and they are pretty much everywhere as the bay blues pushed them deep into this area. Great porgy fishing right now at any known porgy spot... Cocktails blues abound but you never know where they will pop up and most are just 1 to 3 pounders. Fluking is not good right now; you’ll work most of a tide for a handful of fish and maybe a keeper or two. Stripers are best now at night as this has slowed considerably with warming waters with best action in deep water. Fish 40 to 50 foot of water with bunker at Stepping Stones, the bridges, Execution, mouth of Hempstead Harbor etc., as bunker are everywhere again.

Know where they are...not where they were...
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