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City Island / Western LI Sound
Jack’s Bait and Tackle (718-885-2042): JR DeCuffa reports it was cold again this week and with the winds and wind chill most stayed home. Hours are still 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Their skiffs are now out of the water. Get ready for your holiday shopping. On the web at 


Huntington-Mid Sound to Port Jeff
Terminal Tackle (631-269-6005): John Richey says it was cold again this week and with the winds and wind chill most stayed home. The only guys that got out were on Saturday (11/22) as this was the only window really had a lot of short blackfish as the keeper size fish just shut down. Water also dropped 4 to 5 degrees this week too. Also a lot more wind (15-20+) then called for too. Only good news is a little bit of a bass bite at the mouth of the Niss River as some half way decent fish, shorts and keepers, are taken chasing the alewifes. Rubber shads and bucktails will work. Thanksgiving they are closed. On the web at


James Joseph II (631-651-8235): Capt. James Schneider reports lots of hard wind and COLD all week. Friday they had hard winds of 25 to 30 NW and had 11 anglers for 30 keepers and still the bite is on for shorts too. Saturday (11/22) they had a new moon so fishing was a little tougher, they did have 40 keepers to 7 pounds for 33 anglers in 30 knot SW winds. Thanksgiving they sail at 7 am as usual and back in at 2:30. Sailing full days for blackfish everyday at 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. or so.  On the web at

Peconic Star II
(631- 289-6899):
Capt. Dave reports blackfishing was spectacular last weekend with boat limits for everybody on board Saturday (11/15) with full limits for everybody on board and Big Dave Roys had 15 keepers keeping only his four with pool winners running 6 to 8 pounds every day. Sunday they had excellent fishing again, not as spectacular as Saturday but everybody had limits an then some. Water temps on Friday (11/21) was already down to 41 in the bay after plummeting this week, though it is closer to 50 on the grounds. They did not sail Friday or Saturday because of wind blowing 30 or more. They will sail Sunday, then Thanksgiving week they will not sail Monday through Thanksgiving but will sail that Friday-Sunday and that will end the 2014 season for them. On the web at