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Peconic Star II (631- 289-6899):
Capt. Dave Brennan says Wednesday the action was awesome and lots of sea bass and big ones too. They had great action every day as it has been super on the west side of Block Island. Thursday and Friday (7/24) saw the same great steady fishing all day long. Pool winner usually a sea bass every day around 4 pounds or a rare fluke. They have not seen sea bass like this in a long, long time. Saturday's fishing was the same with no letup in sight. If you have two hooks on the your rig; as soon as you hit bottom you had two keeper sea bass...words can't describe this action. These sea bass / porgy trips sail full say on the Express 7:30 to 2:30 p.m. On the web at


Capt. Joe reports the fluking has slowed with mostly tourists and kids on the boat. They see anywhere from three to 15 keeper fluke on the boat each trip as the four hour trips stay around the harbor, Greenlawns etc. Some porgies, bluefish round out the action on these half day fluke trips and fluke, pool winners run 6 pounds or so. They sail half days for fluke 7:30 to 11:30 and 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. On the web at


Terminal Tackle (631-269-6005): John Richey reported best news was the sea bass season opened and the action right from the start was very good! Nice quality sea bass (slack tide), mixed in with the porgies (running tides) or a tad deeper. Porgy action is sensational now as they are thick and everywhere and the fish are big. You can fish the beach for great porgies early before 8 a.m. and again after dinner it can be fantastic. Otherwise you need to fish 20 to 30 foot of water and anywhere you find rocks or mussels you'll find them and most are all respectable size and some to 2 pounds in there.

    Fluking over the week was spotty and deep or in the bay where kids can catch shorts off the docks and bulkheads. Best fluking right now is IN the river. Along the beaches west of the river you have tons of little bluefish hanging around thusly the sand eels have been chased off. To the east look as far as you want to go, Cranes Neck and beyond and excellent at buoy 9 east of Mt. Sinai and Mt. Misery Shoals also east of Port Jeff is very good right now. Quality fish out here as well and plenty of keepers anywhere you go. If you put in at Kings Park you don't even have to start your engine, just push off and start fluking. Some squid in the river holding these larger fluke.

    More and more bunker, tons of it, in Smithtown Bay and most are on the outside of the harbors, and covered by giant bluefish 7 to 12 pounds. Some quality fish are pulled from them with very few bass now as the bluefish have taken over, or bass are sitting on the bottom picking up scraps, but you can't get anything down to them. Small bluefish 1 to 2 pounds have taken over the beaches, the drop off's etc and there are millions of them. Striped bass fishing is tough and you have to fish deep and hope for the best using bunker. Drifting sandworms over small pieces or structure is better then than those using bunker and trolling wire is a real chore in 60 foot of water. On the web at

James Joseph II (631-651-8235): Capt. James Schneider says good crowds when the weatherman doesn't scare everybody away. Thursday they had sea bass and porgies and mostly porgies inshore. Porgies and more porgies and big ones! Eighteen people had 15 to 30 porgies each and even little kids had a great catch, a smattering of sea bass and some flounder returned. Noon on Thursday they picked away at giant fluke in the deep with a smattering of giant sea bass with 20 keeper fluke to 6 pounds. The 4:30 trip had a little better trip with 30 something keepers to the west. Friday (7/24) on the morning trip they drifted over the rough stuff and had a pick of porgies and nice sea bass and a keeper fluke won the pool. The noon trip had over 40 anglers and the fluking was good with shorts and almost 40 keeper fluke to almost 5 pounds. Saturday's morning trip was good with a trip deep into CT and hit all the small pieces and loaded up on gaint sea bass and some giant porgies. Great weather on Saturday and they had 53 anglers and 250 sea bass keepers and not many porgies, perhaps 100. The noon trip was in the deep and they had 25 keeper fluke and the same amount of giant sea bass. The 38 foot charter boat had a lot of porgy charters with over 200 porgies caught and they do combo trips with fluke, porgies and sea bass. Sailing daily for porgies and sea bass on the 7 a.m. trip with the noon and 4:30 trips will be for fluke and giant porgies / sea bass mix. On the web at


City Island / Western LI Sound
Nothing has really changed….a few scattered sea bass but it is mostly porgies now and tons of action on short fluke with a stray 6 pounder brought in. Lots and lots of porgies with action on both sides of the Sound. On Long Island fish 20 foot of water or so and hit all the major points like Prospect, Bayville, Sands, get the picture. On the north side of the Sound porgies are everywhere from Rye into Larchmont, Mamaroneck, New Rochelle and Huckleberry and Pea islands with clams or worms both working. Any of these areas will produce quality sea bass, but sneak a little deeper on hard bottom for jumbo sea bass.

    Fluking is still very good but shorts abound now and you need to magically hit the right spot for a shot at some keepers. Most keepers are just that, 18 to 21 inches and no real large fluke reported over the weekend. Best action is on the major points or over at the barges or behind Harts Island in 15 foot of water. Tons of action with 30 fluke caught and perhaps a 1 in 10 keeper ratio. Bass fishing has slowed and is all tide dependent and mostly at night or very early morning and bluefishing remains red hot…at night and all on bunker in the deep say 45 to 60 feet of water closer to Execution Light or over at the bridges.