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City Island / Western LI Sound
Jack’s Bait and Tackle (718-885-2042): John DeCuffa reports plenty of wind during the week, but not as much on Saturday (10/18) as predicted. There will be winds come Sunday and Monday. The blackfishing has been good and on Saturday Jack’s customer Pete had 60 shorts, three keepers, one was 10 pounds and the largest they’ve seen so far this year. There are porgies still but you travel eastward some ways. Most are targeting blackfish now with the Asian and Green crabs. Best blackfishing is from 10 to 25 foot of water so they are spread out over any rocky bottom. Still many bluefish in this area with a few stripers but the fish are here we just need a few nice days in a row. Hours now are 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. Their skiffs are in the water and ready for your fluke, bass or blues with recession buster pricing this year. Only $59.99 weekdays and weekends is $69.99 for a full day rental including the gas. On the web at 


Huntington-Mid Sound to Port Jeff
Terminal Tackle (631-269-6005): John Richey says Saturday (10/18) saw some wind but not as much as they predicted. Fishing during the week was almost nonexistent as no one could get out except the party boat. When you could get out the togging was okay for the most part and it is improving every day. You can find blackfish in 15 foot of water and no reason to go deeper than 40 right now. The bite on Saturday (10/18) was slow and some had decent size fish in a slow pick with not a lot of fish. The sea bass bail out any trip as they are huge and they always cooperate if you fish them around the slack tide. Still lots of porgies around too if the tog want to take the day off. There are enough bluefish around so you can jig them in 50 to 60 foot of water on the pieces when they stack up. The bunker showed again and there are some big blues on them right now and an occasional bass but mostly all bluefish. Seems like fall doesn’t want to start as the docks still have plenty of snappers around. On the web at


James Joseph II (631-651-8235): Capt. James Schneider reports they sailed every day this week. They hammered the sea bass and porgies this week. Largest blackfish this week was about 8 pounds and they had many at 7 pounds on Friday. The wrecks in 70 foot of water are loaded with porgies and sea bass. They have seen the best blackfishing on drops in 20 foot of water. Excellent fishing this week and Saturday (10/18) too. Sunday will have a hard NW and they will head straight to CT and hope the blackfish get excited. Sunday in hard N/NW winds at 20 they hit the wrecks off CT way to the east and scored some nice blackfish with high hook about nine blackfish and most average about 3 pounds, pool winner about 7 pounds. They had 17 anglers had 65 keeper blackfish and not many porgies as they hit the blackfish and sea bass grounds. Teddy Schwartz had two buckets of giant porgies on clams. They had about 75 keeper sea bass too. Good day on the water and all on crabs! Sailing full days for porgies, sea bass and blackfish everyday at 7 a.m. On the web at

Peconic Star II
(631- 289-6899):
Capt. Dave reports this week they hit awesome fishing with pure terror for the porgies on Saturday (10/18) too with all 70 rods bending all the time. Friday they fished one spot and quit fishing at noon as the entire boat was limited out on porgies. Saturday they had 15 keeper blackfish mixed in with the porgies. Only a hand few of sea bass and the porgies are way too thick and aggressive as they beat everything to the bait this entire week except they did not sail on Thursday. Sunday's fishing was pretty nasty on the water, but they had a real boat load of fish and the same scenario as yesterday. They had two blackfish about 8 pounds along with a few others and good number of sea bass. All the fish you want. Remember the half day weekend boat is not sailing in the fall but is available for charters if you like so contact Capt. Dave Brennan. Otherwise the full day boat sails 7:30 to 3 p.m. every day for porgies and sea bass. On the web at