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John Richy of Terminal Tackle joins Rich Johnson weekly, live on The Fishing Line Radio Show
Saturday afternoons at 4 p.m. on WGBB 1240AM radio to give current and live updated reports for the LI Sound Region


Peconic Star II (631- 289-6899): The Peconic Star reported they fished on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (10/20) and just loads and loads of fish being caught. They were on their way home at 1:15 on Saturday and everyone has their limits of porgies every trip. Just supernatural fishing right now. Loads of room at the rail as not a lot of fishermen but tons of fish! They sail 7:30 to 3 pm for porgies. On the web at www.peconicstarboats.com

Huntington to Port Jeff
Terminal Tackle
John Richey says good fishing when the wind stops blowing. Most folks with smaller boats have had to stay inside the river for the most part where they have giant porgies returning and now more and more bass on the worms. Most are trolling worms and getting some HUGE porgies which they don’t mind, but more and more bass and not all shorts any more either. The river is holding a lot of bass right now, more shorts than keepers, but they have seen bass to 36 inches in the river now and John says some of the largest bass he’s ever caught came out of the river this time of  year and the end of October with fish to 35 pounds on worms or eels. When you can get in to the Sound they are trolling bass and now respectable blues, 4 to 8 pounds, or jigging them in and around the Triangle and the quality of the fish is better out here too and not all shorts like it can be in the river. Porgies are still everywhere and he has not heard much on blackfish as no one could get to them with the wind and weather. Little blues running up and down the beaches. Make sure you ask for your Terminal Tackle catalogue, it's free! On the web at www.terminaltackleco.com

James Joseph II (
: Capt. James Schneider said some the best fishing he’s ever seen. Thousands of fish every day and on Saturday (10/20) they had 2000 blackfish caught for 40 people with about 75 keepers, 3,000 porgies and the porgies look like they are not going anywhere. James also says it could be an early winter as the blackfish are biting their heads off in water temps that are warm enough they shouldn’t be. Friday they limited out the boat on blackfish! Been a great week of fishing. No more 4:30 jigging trips they have ended. They are sailing 7 a.m. to 3 for giant blackfish and porgies. Any additional information can be found on the website at www.jamesjosephfishing.com.   



City Island / Western LI Sound
Reports still have everything and everybody relying on porgies right now. NO blues to speak of anywhere except the large snappers and porgies have nothing to fear. They are everywhere and anywhere...all the way to the Maritime College, Throgs Neck Bridge... they are literally everywhere. Otherwise no fluke, no blues an not even any bass caught at night.! Very strange season thus far. Just terrible in the western Sound this season. Text them to 516-435-8382 or e mail Rich@thefishingline.com

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